Wednesday 5 November 2014

Bow down Bi**hes queen bey reigns supreme!; Named highest paid woman in music for 2014 grossing up to $115Million!

Beyonce is so hardworking she puts everything into her craft and makes EVERY performance better than the last. I mean she has stayed consistent with being in top since like forever..

She's done acting,Fashion,loads and loads of tours and churned out hits after hits.. she sure deserves every level of success she is enjoying

And for 2014 Bey hit the top stop of the highest earning female in music beating other stars like Rihanna,Katy Perry and Taylor swift to the top spot..

See full list according to Forbes below..

1. Beyoncé - $115 million
2. Taylor Swift - $64 million
3. Pink - $52 million
4. Rihanna with - $48 million
5. Katy Perry - $40 million
6. Jennifer Lopez - $37 million
7. Miley Cyrus - $36 million, tie
7. Celine Dion - $36 million, tie
9. Lady Gaga - $33 million
10. Britney Spears - $20 million

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