Sunday 23 November 2014

A Fantastic Bra or some boob work? MBGN 2012 Isabella Ayuk shows off her Lady melons!

So Y'all remember the scandal that trailed Isabella's win in 2012? where they discovered she lied about her age and was disqualified from representing at the miss World contest Yes that Isabella!

Well Thats all old news.. her recent pictures show Miss Isabella mat have had some work done on her lady lumps wait! 

Lets start from when we met Isabella

Representing us at the Miss Universe Contest(she couldnt go for miss world remember?)

During her NYSC  few years after her reign..

A Random photo of her looking really pretty

And then BOOM!! her recent photos that have got people talking!

Isabella Ayuk flaunts Massive Cleavage
This Photo hen! odikwa Heavily loaded!

So does anyone think Isabella had some work done?? well for me I have always said I am not against plastic surgery and I am not for it either..

Its your money, its your body,so far you feel safe and can live with it?! By all means do you! #Shikena!

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