Monday 3 November 2014

Must Read! An interesting tale on designer Vagina's


So everyone is having work done these days,from lips,to butt*cks,to b**bs and of course the privates..

I have said it before NO I am not against plastic surgery  and NO I am not in support either am just indifferent  like that.. I mean you want something fixed?? you can afford it, you've considered it safe?? go ahead I will not judge you..

Although I believe some vital organs or parts of the body especially our sensory organs should only be tampered with if there is a life threatning situation or a person needs it to survive.. #myopinion

Anyways back to the Vagina matter..there is something called Labiaplasty thats when the Vagina is reconstructed from the Inner..woo google the rest lol.. yea.. the privates in this part of Africa is like a taboo or something not to be talked about but we all have something there na.. abi you no get?? lol..

Well I found an interesting real life account by Bigbrother UK winner Helen wood who used to be an escort(Another word for prostitu....ohhhh add the rest) and is most famous for having a threesome with England frontman Wayne Rooney while his wife was pregnant waohhhh!!

Excerpts from her recent trip to the doctors for a designer Vagina below..

Helen Wood vagina surgeryHelen Wood surgery
Helen Wood
"What do we really think of the female anatomy? Ugly? Pretty? Sexy? Smelly? Alien?

I personally think it's a pretty grim part of the body, yet men seem to love it, and a lot of girls too.
For those of us not so enamoured with the way it looks, there is now a unique treatment to basically neaten up the fun box without going under the knife – great news for those of us who have had kids and have never really looked the same down there since.

I discovered it three weeks ago and at first I was sceptical about writing about it, but one or two of us have fannies so it's not like it's a taboo subject.

Lots of women I know have badly suffered from post natal fanny disorder, i.e they cant bear to look down there after having babies.

It's a horrifying feeling and I empathise with anyone who has given birth naturally and thinks that the thought of touching or looking down there might just put them off sex or pregnancy for life.

I've never had an issue with mine as such, but I remember taking a shower after having my baby, having a peek and wanting to ring the police not a doctor. It did seem like a real life horror scene.

Anyhow, things thankfully did pop back into place, but I know for some women, that's not always the case.

Although mine hasn't ever caused me any issues, I have seen and purposely looked at other lady bits out there on the internet (bit odd I know) and obviously I've seen them on programmes and from some of my more flashy friends.

Thankfully everything seems in tact and nothing is too dangly, long or short – but even so, after finding I could make my flower a little prettier I decided to give it a whirl, why not, I was at a loose end. (No pun intended!)

But before I dropped my kecks, I checked out what was involved.

The nurse at the reputable Pureskin clinic in Alderley Edge ran through the whole procedure, and although I kept thinking "WTF am I doing", I signed a form and off we went.

I think I am one of the first women in the UK to have the Intima treatment, but like with most things, I thought it might be just the latest treatment to flog to naive girls (like me, I guess).

For once, I was wrong. During my first treatment the nurse explained how my bits would basically pukka up – the treatment would smooth the right areas, shrink the labia and tighten up the entrance area too. Bloody perfect.

I did a before and after selfie – the weirdest I've ever taken – and hey ho, there was actually a difference. It shrank the giblety bits and almost makes you look virginal again. Almost.

Like the L'Oreal advert for youthful skin that tightens all those wrinkles, only not for your face, for your flange.

It also improves sex apparently, not that I'm looking for improvements, but I'm yet to see if it does make a difference. Let's wait and see.

This probably sounds as ridiculous to you as it did do to me, but three treatments in and I can't wait to complete the process which takes another five sessions.

Lying there like a frog with my legs akimbo while my nurse chats happily away to me about what she's had for tea is a strange experience at first but gets more relaxing.

For women who have lost or who are lacking a sex drive because they're afraid their vagina looks like a car crash, it's one answer to get the bed springs squeaking again.

Couples do break up through the lack of sex in their lives. I've had friends who have been on the tip of the iceberg, ready to crumble because they can't and won't give their men sex after childbirth or because they're paranoid about what downstairs looks like – or appears to look like in a girl's own mind.

I'm not just saying this because I am a girl (ready for the "you're a man Helen" jokes, standard) but it is a pain in the a**e being a female at times – so much pressure when it comes to appearance.

I'm not saying this treatment is for all, I just love to try new things out and would definitely recommend if it means couples get some good ole hanky panky back in their lives."

So would you be having your bits done anytime soon??

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