Wednesday 26 November 2014

The rich do cheap too sometimes! Rihanna spotted with old Motorola razr phone.

Wait! does Motorola still exist?? I mean the company? if they do then they probably aint doing phones no more.. are they? cos they've sure been swept aside..beliedat!

Well Rihanna what cant she pull off! she was recently spotted in these flared bell  bottom pants..I know some folks call them palazo pants..they are totally from way back so you might guess Riri was just completing the something old look..cos her phone is totally from way back but no seems that is Rihanna's actual phone! look again..

Do you sight the phone again??

I remember that phone one time was the toast of so many phone lovers but now it wont even get looked at or well maybe now Riri is showing she still uses just might see it relaunched or something..

This isnt about been poor I mean Riri is one of the biggest popstars of all time! #Moneynobeproblem guess its just how the rich want a feel of the cheap or not so expensive stuff sometimes,like that time Billionaire Femi Otedola was also spotted with one 8 thousand Naira Nokia lol..

Dear Motorola thats some free PR for you right there! 

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