Tuesday 18 November 2014

Music stars you never knew were married- Gospel Act Monique and Singer Rasquie!

Rasquie and Monique have been married for about 8 years or so.. I never would have pictured them together, considering Monique does gospel and Rasquie is more into secular music..
 But the Couple have found a way to make it work and enjoy fantastic careers.

In a recent Interview MoniQue said this of her husband - "Life would have been different if not that I am married to my best friend. Only few husbands will allow their wives to sleep while they cook in the kitchen, only to wake her up to come and eat. My husband takes care of the children more than I do. He drives me to shows and concerts. "

The Couple are blessed with two children

MoniQue hasnt been so long on the music scene compared to Hubby Rasquie who has been in the game for a while,since them remedies' days and one of the first set of Kennis music artists..

Some of his hit tracks include,Soji hun,Mukoko,Dapada amongst many others..

Here's a recent track from rasquie

And one from monique

And another one I absolutely Love

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