Sunday 6 January 2013

Taylor Swift's dad Warns Harry Styles not to break her heart.

Harry Styles and Taylor Swift

Recently loved up couple,One Direction(1D) frontman Harry Styles and Taylor Swift, have been seen in public with lots of Public display of affection(PDA) visiting each others homes,(Even though they live at ends one in the US and the other in the UK) and generally sharing a growing relationship with claims of the pair being in love.

Taylor's father has however indicated that he would not like her heart to be broken.

The Sun UK quotes him as saying he doesn't want the pair to split up as fast as they got together which might leave Taylor devastated.
He likes her choice of harry, but he just wants them to slow down and take things easy.

Taylor Swift and Harry Styles Lovep up

Well,with harry's reputation, I would say.. MR Swift,prepare your mind for the worst as your daughter's heart might just still get broken sooner than you think.

Harry Styles is 18 and Taylor swift is 23.

Some of One Direction hits include "Live While we young" "Kiss you" "Little things" amongst others

Some of Taylor's hits include "Trouble" "We are never getting back together" amongst others..

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