Monday 28 January 2013

Jordin Sparks "sparkingly"gorgeous

Showing off her bum: Jordin posed strategically for the cameras

Gorgeous singer Jordin Sparks was photographed at the screen actor's guild Awards held last night looking absolutely gorgeous!!

Largely underrated in the music scene in my opinion..Jordin has been able to successfully keep the weight at bay and is looking every inch beautiful and stunning.Hopefully she can get more music hits and successes.

 Showing off her bum: Jordin posed strategically for the cameras

Bold dress: Jordin Sparks arrived at the SAG Awards in Los Angeles Sunday wearing a purple halter dress

Enjoy one of my favourite hits from Jordin... Do have a fantastic week ahead..Cheers..

Photo Credit:Dailymail UK*


  1. The runner up to whitney houston.

    She's packaging herself to step into whitney's shoes...its just that there can never be a 2nd whitney

  2. I agree with you Afronuts,Whitney was indeed a rare legend and gem!
    Jordin is not doing bad either,I wish her the best. x

  3. @Afronuts i agree with you noone can ever replace Whitney but she can try in her own capacity maybe up to jennifer hudson's level..

    @Tammy's mum Jordin is def doing well as well i just wish she wasnt so underrated..

    Thanks for stopping by cheers..


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