Thursday 10 January 2013

Photos: Changing faces:Amazing transformation of a transgender from Man to Woman

                    Starting point: The video begins with a picture of a handsome with dark shoulder-length hair and chiselled square jaw

                                    One month
                                    Seven months

                                Dude looks like a lady: About 23 months after the first image was taken, the young man has narrower face and softer, more feminine features


                       Impressive outcome: A final picture in the series reveals the end result of the surgery: a face with delicate feminine features, high cheekbones, catlike eyes and round chin, framed by dark bangs and soft curls

All thanks to facial feminization surgery.Facial feminization surgery involves changes to a person's bony and soft tissue of the face, such as changing the shape of the jawline and chin

This involves eyebrow sculpting,Rhinoplasty,Lip augmentation:fuller pursed lips, Cheek implantation:high cheek bones,facial hair removal,surgery processes in the neck and thyroid area and sometimes full hair transplant,forehead re-contouring,Chin and jaw reconstruction and adams apple reduction.

The person above featured his 3 year journey on a youtube diary which you can watch below.If you fancy reading or learning more about facial feminization surgery you can do so HERE!

Youtube video:


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