Tuesday 1 January 2013

London New year fireworks display and celebration pictures and video..

Stunning images from the London New year's eve fireworks display..

Colourful: Thousands of people have lined the banks of the Thames to see the extravagant firework display light up the capital

Ambitious: Thousands of people lined the banks of the Thames to witness the incredible display of pyrotechnics and lights

Elaborate: The London Eye is dwarfed by the impressive fireworks

Bright: Fireworks explode around the London Eye during New Year's celebrations in central London

Popular: The banks of the River Thames near Parliament in central London were packed with thousands of happy revellers

Attractive: The capital's skyline was transformed during the incredible firework display

Celebration: Fireworks light up the London skyline - including the Elizabeth Tower housing Big Ben - just after midnight

Party: Up and down the country, millions of people have packed into town's and cities to celebrate 2013 following the astonishing success of 2012

Busy: Thousands of people packed onto Westminster Bridge to watch the impressive firework show

Lavish: The London Eye is barely noticeable thought the bright firework display
Image credits: Mailonline*

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