Saturday 12 January 2013

Kardashian sisters sued!!!Reportedly "stole" brand make up name Khroma Beauty

The Kardashian sisters are said to be facing a $10 million lawsuit  with a certain makeup artist coming forward to claim her brand name was stolen and could put her out of business..

Kroma Beauty controversy

Kardashians Khroma Beauty 

Although lee Tillett the make up artist in question has a brand name Kroma originally created in 2004,Lee believes the kardashians using Khroma could confuse,mislead and jeopardize the brand name she has created and worked for over the years..

According to reports,Boldface Group Inc. marketers of the sisters' Line responded to a cease and desist letter forwarded to them previously by Tillett about using her brand name by claiming that the name Kroma is only a descrptive term lacking distinct meaning.

The kardashians who have already received up to $1million upfront in licensing fees and are set to make up to $6million in royalty figures for the brand may well have a battle ahead..

Like a casthe case of KromaVs Khroma  lol!


  1. Hahahahaahahahahahahaha! I can only laugh at this! Fingers crossed,let da battle 'begins'


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