Sunday 6 January 2013

Justin Bieber Marijuana Photos Surface!

Cause for controversy: Justin Bieber was photographed holding a cigarette during a party in Newport Beach, California on January 2
(Photo Credit Tmz)

Mystery friend: Justin was snapped sitting next to a woman and later a girl is said to have slept in his room
(Photo Credit Tmz)

So its actually true! I did a post about a pappaz(Paparazzi) who lost his life trying to get a scoop because he thought he saw Bieber puffin off..Incase you missed it you can read it  HERE

Well it very well may be true,maybe the journalist really did see something with the above pictures appearing online on web pages..(Released by TMZ) showing Bieber with some "Roll up" pot in some hotel.

Asking for forgiveness: Justin apologized to his Twitter followers

He then took to twitter as usual does the tweet above signify some guilty conscience or is that a confirmation? an apology?

In Other news Bieber has been on and off with Selena Gomez and there have been allegations of cheating..Are these signs of a troubled star?? Bieber might just need some help methinks..

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