Thursday 10 January 2013

Destiny's child set to release new album!

Who runs the world? The album entitled, Love Songs is the group's first release of original music in eight years

Destiny's child is set to release some new material this month(to be released January 29th) as announced by Beyonce on her website.

Listen up world: On Thursday Beyoncé announced that Destiny's Child are releasing their first album of original music on January 29, 2013

With so many artistes making a come back Justin Timberlake recently did..Seems we will be having 
some new good music reminding us of when we were growing up to the music of these artistes..

Destiny's Child is one of the biggest girl groups of all time with hits like "Cater to you","bootylicious""Survivor","Say my name" and loads and loads and loads of other hits..

Cant wait!

You can pre order your copy HERE!


  1. Good news,I hope they stick around for much longer x

  2. yea good news..thanks for stopping by! xx


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