Saturday 5 January 2013

Princess Diana's teenage "not to be published" picture revealed!! Now for US Auction..

Censored: The man pictured with Lady Diana Spencer on a ski holiday in Val Claret in the French Alps in 1979 has been revealed as aristocrat Adam Russell
Photo Credit(Dm UK)

 A certain picture of Late Lady Diana's(Princess of Wales) has appeared on the horizon.

With a suspicious labeling "Not to be published"

Facts have emerged that Diana who was 18 at the time was photographed with  Adam Russell, great grandson of former Tory prime minister Stanley Baldwin during a ski holiday in the french alps in 1979.

The "Controversially marked" picture is said to have been bought by the Daily mirror after Diana had  become engaged to prince Charles and thought it unfit and marked it not to be published.
 It had remained in the archives until it was bought up about seven years ago..

The picture has recently surfaced after been bought by Caren Archive a large privately owned Newspaper collection company in the US who is auctioning the photo in modern day 2013.

Princess Diana died in a car crash in Paris on 31st August 1997

Diana even in death is still regarded as one of the most stylish of the British Royals and a world renowned fashion Icon.

She was known and loved all over the world for her charity work for several causes and international organisations.

Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer pose together in 1981 after announcing their engagement

She was ever so stylish!

Princess Diana at a concert at Salisbury Cathedral, left

Princess Diana Fashion and style looks latest

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