Tuesday 15 January 2013

Rihanna is @ "it" again!!

The Multi Platinum singer has posed in Multi Magazine Covers for Complex Magazine,These covers do not fall short of the usual Rihanna poses..Have a look!

Cover girl: Complex magazine has given Rihanna not one but SEVEN sizzling covers with each representing one of her albums

Kinky crochet: The 24-year-old dons her versions of innocence in honour of her early album A Girl Like Me

Gothic: This leather look takes no prisoners. The picture was meant to represent the singer's Rated R album

Icon: Vacation ready... Rihanna slips into a Marilyn Monroe patterned bikini

Girl next door: Rihanna plays it straight - well, for her

 The full Monty: The Umbrella singer went topless for the main picture of the photo shoot

Walk that walk: RihRih dons camouflage and Chanel to represent her album Talk That Talk

*Some unsuitable Images from the covers have been removed by the blog authour


  1. hahahahah. Pls leave my biatchhhh alone o

  2. Ade you made that comment./////\\/\\////\\\. obo!

  3. hahahahahaha!!!! Ade and Queen is here! sharlie you don enter am!

  4. All the best to her

  5. @Anon lol..will leave her alone ohh let her leave us alone too ohh we are tired of all her poses fa!

  6. @Anon06:16 why you dey call am obo?? Leave him/her i dont know which to speak his/her mind ohh lol..

    @Anon 06:17 lol!so i don enter am abi??lol..They are very much welcome to comment jare i welcome them with open arms..

    @Trendysturvsblog dont mind the miss jare shes got so much talent no need to become all trashy on us jare..Thanks for stopping by!

  7. Yes o! Il be here everyday!..*Ade

  8. Would be expecting you ohh..btw is ade male or female confused ohh..lol..


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