Thursday 1 May 2014

Dear Psquare we actually do not care anymore!

So y'all been playing mago mago first you all tweeted you had reconciled and then your effing publicist has the nerve to say bloggers are stupid and that y'all were laughing at Nigerians who were worried that you were splitting I mean worried that you people dont want to make money again ohh 

After saying it was all for publicity(all time low to go) then you guys go and tweet like "ohhh dont mind him we fought o"

I quite agree with StellaDimokokorkus view on the interview your cow of a publicist gave,as a matter of fact if you haven't sacked him then you are on a long thing..

He  retracted his statement that he never said so and was misquoted, but the deed has been done i might add..

"My attention has been drawn to one magazine interview quoting me that the purported P-Square break-up tale was a ‘publicity stunt.’ It was indeed a misconception on the part of the writer. I never said the rumour was a ‘publicity stunt.’
There is no way I could have granted an official interview and speak in such denigrating manner as being portrayed by the magazine in question. 
I can remember talking to Star FM and NTA2, and it is on record that I never spoke in such unprofessional manner! Most importantly, I never said it was a ‘publicity stunt’ because that amounts to toying with the emotions of P-Square fans. I cherish the fans more than Diamond and therefore, I will never disrespect or toy with their emotions. Thanks for your understanding."

Dear Psquare am sure a lot of Nigerians like me are tired of all your shenanigans, today its ohhh yes we fought, 2mor ohh we did not fight ,ohh we are laughing, nooo ohhh we are boxing each other ..

Abeg!if una like breakup,if una like fight beat each other,if una like dance on the moon I just wanted you to know  that we dont really care anymore just so you know NO ONE IS INDISPENSABLE! 

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