Sunday 24 February 2013

Stepping Out of the Closet:Two suits two Dresses!!!

So I have been wanting to do this post for a very long time yet procrastination has always gotten the best of me.

This somewhat hush hushed topic has been playing alot on my mind for a long time and as i sit typing away at my Laptop i am well happy i finally got to this.

In recent Times being gay or gay related issues have been coming up around from some people being beat up for being gay and some guy who recently had butt implants plus Clive Davis also coming out recently.I dint really know alot about this subject until i had the opportunity to travel abroad because back home being gay gets you a jail term.(At least the last time i checked) so even if there were gay people back home we may never get to know them.

I would hear stories about peeps who committed suicide for being gay or for fear of coming out, existence of gay clubs, communities,foundations,organisations and what have you.. And I began to think to myself are people really gay?? As in seriously some people are gay?? It was kinda fascinating.

Then I noticed there were even gay marriages and Civil ceremonies and then i thot NOOOOOOOO!! how do they get intimate??Noooooooo The ?????? NOOOOOOOO  u dont say!!! You mean where we do the dump?? Nooooo i mean have you ever experienced those dumps that you do and your weight goes down by 5kg when you are done??and you cant sit properly for 3 days on??to the extent you need a plunger or need to call the plumbing
NOOOOOOOOOOOO that can t be?? It cant be how they do it . how does that happen with gay people?? how do they cope with that?? Do you know?? Can you tell me?? Make it clearer.. will ya??

I was just all fascinated by this phenomenon how can you not like the opposite sex?? what happened to opposites attract??,I began to watch documentaries,watch shows(Much recently the new Normal) and In one show(cant quite rem the show now it was about taking gay people for bonding to convert them) they almost convinced me that people are born gay..Naaaaaa that dont do it sorry I disagree or do u agree with that??

I still kept wondering and reading about this subject ..You wonder at my fascination and you ask am i gay?? NOOOOOOO!!  I love me some Idris Elba any day have you seen that guy shirtless? or watched him on Obsessed alongside beyonce?? I became Obsessed after that movie somebody get me his Number pls will ya?? Lol!

In my research I found this "Lovely" Wedding (See below) Someone sent it to me and I was like whose wedding is that and she said why not have a look I did and my first thought was what a waste of testosterone I mean!!! Have a look at these guys both are "chocolately" hot if there is a word like why waste all that manly goodness,manly sweetness (~wink~)and then i watched again and what stuck out for me was they were extremely happy and with a lot of support and then i watched again  errrmmmm ...again,i mean again and then one more time..they got me so GOD!

Could this really be real?Could two people of the same sex fall in love?? and then i thought but i am Christian I am not allowed to believe it its against my faith and what i believe in, but then again am not allowed to judge?? am i??

Lots of celebrities that i have known to come out gay (Dont know of any back home in Nigeria well yet!)

Like ..
Ellen DeGeneres: Ellen hosts a Talk show with lots of celebrity "dropbys" and a lot of charity work she is married to her partner Portia de Rossi.

  Arm in arm: Ellen and Portia wore matching pale outfits - white for Ellen and cream for Portia
Ellen is one of the Celebrities that are as easy going and hardly gets into any mischief or hardly would you hear any bad or shameful act or behavior from her quarters.
Should i like her less because she is gay?? did i hear you say NO i thought so too..

More when you continue..

Claire Balding: If you watched the Olympics i mean BBC's coverage and commentary Claire was the star of the party she was on point she was soooo good with this she even outshone her fellow presenters. I only recently discovered she was gay and planning a civil ceremony..Should that change my Highly esteemed thought of her and her work ethic?? I can guess what your answer is would you mind sharing??


Gareth Thomas:Wales Rugby Legend Gareth i learnt recently came out as he was previously married. I watched Gareth on Celeb BB and much recently on Dancing on ICE and he was more than a gentleman. He is calm,Collected, and cares about others.He has had an enviable Rugby Career securing the best wins for the Wales team should i Stop my admiration of him due to his sexuality?? hmmmmm you wanna tell me??


GOk Wan: Gosh.. Gok is one of the people who can style even an 80 year old woman and make her look trendy and sexy he would open your eyes to fashion Items you never would have thought.I love Gok,I love all his shows and i Know GOD loves him too..

Elton John:Music Legend Elton is married to His partner David Furnish and they have children although there is a a debate about raising children in such relationships(Thats a topic for another day)these two are easy going and devoid of any wrong doings or law break.

Rylan Clark: I watched Rylan Clark on Xfactor UK and i was indifferent cause that brother cant so much hold a tune and he def did not muck about on being a musical legend he just wanted to entertain and he sure did! and then he got on Celeb BB and his personality grew on me not a bad bone and i mean wats not to like??


Below are a couple of videos i came across in my "Foraging" that are related to the issues coming out, being gay, and gay weddings. I have tried as much as possible to write this article without a hint of bias nor approval as such. This has been a  fascinating topic to deal with and I hope we begin to look at people with less bias.

First we are all Human beings created by one GOD,he wants us to be saved and do his will.
yes he does not want us to sin but for the records there is no greater sin,sin is sin!

But GOD also came for the lost and also welcomes the bad he still loves them and he will welcome them and forgive them.

I hope we can learn to Love people for who they are and not their sexuality often than not they own the right to their lives and what they do with it.

Please feel free to leave your comments,thoughts and suggestions i would love to hear from you xx


  1. Interesting topic and I love how your curiosity has left you open-minded...who are we to far they harm no one, then let them live their lives

  2. Thank you lara exactly we shouldnt try to judge others and their lives as GOD has given us all one so nobody has been cheated in the gift of life..How u handle it is entirely your choice.

    Thank you for stopping by.. Bless xx

  3. In my forage to life and thanks to exposure,I have come to discovered something,it might sound odd but believe me its the absolute truth,gay people have got a heart of gold!
    I am liberal and hold no bias towards anyone and as such will NOT judge anyone's choices and that includes sexual preferences.I am yet to identify that 'little thing' that makes them function with such love,empathy,care and forgiveness.Much as they are vulnerable and open to attacks from people,they still remain calm and stick to what they believe and Love!
    Yet even a little persecution and we find people denouncing their religion,faiths,beliefs and even their loved ones.
    Show me a gay person and I would show you a brave survivior.
    P.S I am not gay but I have met so many gay people who have touched my life positively with their warmth laughter and kind heartedness. #Bless Up and thanks for this piece.Nice vid too,they look happy and if its meant to be...well who are we to say otherwise? Thanks Shallie's purple beehive.

  4. I enjoyed reading this post. I wish more curious people would do like you and research rather than simply remain inside their little cocoon and hate what they don't understand.
    Sexual orientation is not a choice. Straight people never choose to be attracted to the opposite sex. Do you recall a time when you made the decision to become attracted to men? No. I bet you never had that moment.
    It's the same way with gay people. They never made a conscious decision to be attracted to the same sex.

  5. @Prism i completely agree with you this is a topic we might not able to completely understand or phantom i still do not have my complete answers lol..but my consolation as i said is that once people are happy who am i to say they shouldnt??I should love everyone and relate to them normally irrespective of their sexuality i agree about people researching cos when i did it opened my eyes to things i never knew..and all the gay people i have known as celebrities are some of the nicest people ever..

    Thanks for stopping by and joining my site dear..Bless!!


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