Friday 1 February 2013

Food Memories;Moi moi..

Whew!!! I haven't done a foodie post in a while! Been a bit caught up,but here goes..

 I found this lovely moi moi recipe on that reminded me so much of me cooking on a Saturday morning back home with my mum..
Nostalgia just flooded me lol..

Moimoi elewe recipe

Moi moi is a Nigerian delicacy often paired with pap,garri,bread and even rice

To prepare you need :

Oil(Olive,groundnut,coconut,even palm oil depends on what suits you)
salt to taste
scotch bonnet peppers
Bell Peppers if you so wish
Broad leaves(you can get those in an African shop in case you are  in the diaspora)

More when you continue..

Moi moi recipe

Step by step how to prepare moi moi

Steps to cooking

  • skinning the bens(Pictured above)/you can opt for the ready grounded mixture if you dont want to skin but its best to do it all natural for utmost taste.
  • Add peppers,onions,crayfish and blend to fairly thick consistency and peppers to your taste.
  • After blending add seasoning,salt and other spices you might fancy,some mackerel as well and you could also add boiled egg pieces.
  • stir all spices and properly mix into your blended mixture.
  • prep your cooking pot with stalk from the leaves/lay them in the pot in zigzag fashion

  • Then begin to scoop your mixture into leaves by laying the leaf on your palm,then scoop some beans into it and wrap. Wrap like when you fold a sheet of paper, with the outer part lying on top of the part close to your body. Before pouring in the ground beans, hold the leaf  in such a way that your little finger is the one close to your body while the thumb is farther away. Now bend in the side of the folded leaf that is resting on the thumb, bend it right under the folded leaf, let it stay in between the leaf and your palm. The part resting on the thumb is left open 'cos that is where the beans is poured in to the folded leaf .

  • Place wraps carefully on already prep'd pot with the leaf stalks
  • pour water averagely 1/3 of the total pot volume into an opening you can check on the side so doesn't pour into your wraps.

  • 45-50 mins on the clock but you should check at 15min interval for burning and top with little water till you can perceive an aroma which usually fills the whole house..

  • Then take out one wrap and check if done.

  • Then gently take down heat and you have Moi Moi!

P.S: It is best to use the broad leaves because it gives a very seasoned aroma and added taste.
 But if you cannot access these leaves at your African shops you can also use cooking tins,foil and any other suitable options..

Credits:Image and recipe credits 
with modifications by Shallie's Purple Beehive


  1. Nice one Shallie! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh wow!
    I did make this on sat,one of my best Nigerian Dishes.Yummy!

  3. @Aunty Eya my pleasure maam..

    @Tammy's mum yes i quite agree with you..It sure is a lovely dish..


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