Sunday 17 February 2013

Rihanna's new fashion range+Why you might not be wearing it!

Rihanna Recently collaborated with River Island to launch her fashion line which she showcased at the London Fashion Week recently

Stacked up: Crop bra top, button down skirt with denim shirt tied round waist, the look is pulled together with chunky boots With legs like Rihanna's: The leather sandals are sure to be a sell out, but these floral shorts are only fit for the super-lithe

Crop everything: Ruched tied top and cropped floral trousers are brought together with tough yet elegant cuffed sandals Varsity girl: If there's one item to buy this season, its the varsity jacket. This one is pure Rihanna, paired with back turned baseball cap

The girl's got edge: We hope to see Tilda Swinton rocking this peach look. Leather cuff sandals anchor it to the collection Signature: We often see Rihanna's lithe pins popping out of a thigh high split spaghetti strap dress. Now you can too

Striped soul sista: Shoes and headscarf tie an entirely striped ensemble together, accessories with colour-pop nails and gold hoops Box out: If you plan to pair a cropped sweatshirt with a low-rise skirt, don't approach unless your midriff is as toned as Ri-Ri's

Floral frenzy: Tough boots, slick hair and gold hoops make this feminine dress edgy Tupac is my homeboy: Ties headscarf homage to late rapper worked perfectly with the vibe of Rihanna's collection

I seriously think this is a valid effort on Rihanna's part to "Rihannize" Y'all..

I mean this collection is so Rihanna,its just like she emptied her wardrobe lol..and i think River Island is making a mistake as i completely think the collection is a NO NO

Its like making a mockery of designers like VB,JLo,Madonna who are also music Icons and have churned out good collections.

In my Opinion i do not think you would be rocking this collection except if u intend to "Rihannize" yourself then Cheers to that!..

Photo Credit: Dailymail Uk*

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