Tuesday 19 February 2013

Khloe Kardashian Axed From Xfactor USA Job??


I was so excited when Khloe was announced joint presenter for the Xfactor USA,and i have just recently read on the Dailymail that Khloe may have been axed.

Well wouldn't surprise me as a matter of fact that would be good news if confirmed.
 Khloe was a downright pain to watch my GOD!! It was so baaaaaddddd and cringey ... Mario Lopez wasn't half as bad but she made his job sooo so difficult,interuppting  unnecessarily and even went to sit on Simon Cowell's laps on one episode are u kidding me??!! its a live family show  Khloe!

The only plus were maybe Khloe's outfits though a few hits and misses but please do not come back Thank you. Lol..



  1. Abeg i am tired of the kardashian news all the time

  2. lol! ok no more kardashian news..thanks for stopping by xx

  3. On the contrary,i enjoyed watching her do the hosting thing, even though some of her dresses...

  4. lol@Aunty Eya sorry but i dint enjoy watching her at all ohhh infact i would be delighted if she doesnt come back this is so not her calling but you might have enjoyed her presenting as you said diff strokes lol..


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