Monday 18 February 2013

Kim Kardashian "cons" Lagos!!

So I have just stumbled on this article about how Kim virtually conned Nigerian entertainer Darey and his team on a show(Love Like a movie) she was supposed to co host and was on a plane back even before the show was half way.

The show was grand on its own with a standard unparalleled in Nigeria as at the moment so the question is why was kim k invited if it was to host, and why did she leave after just few minutes,did she come for music? i wonder,or some special piece or dance no! so why pay that lot of money for her to appear for just seconds when that money could have been utilized in other ways to make the show grander or more epic! or better still bring a bigger music star to contribute some more bite to the show..

If the team were trying to to give the show a boost of popularity it shows that they dint believe that they had a good show that could stand on its own without some Kim K magic.

Well at least the writer of the article below quite agrees with me,although i do not agree on his last bit about "419ers" but every writer is entitled to their opinions and freedom of thoughts and expression..

Excerpts below..

"The article is by Jeremy weate for the Guardian Africa Network
Eko Hotel, Victoria Island, Lagos: the scene of so many expensive misdemeanours in the past, did its best not to disappoint. Kim Kardashian was billed to "co-host" an event with R'n'B crooner Darey Art-Alade in honour of "Love..Like a Movie". In other words, it was a "Vals" thing. Lagos being familiar to the metallurgy of snobbery, this involved platinum ticket holders being invited to an exclusive pre-dinner event with her K-ness. Pseudo-ogas lower down the corporate food chain only got to see the show.
I was just over 1,000 miles away from the action in Freetown, watching my Twitter timeline cascade with commentary as the evening unfolded. Tweets purred with pleasure at the acrobatics segment, and at the godly qualities of Waje's voice. There was a sense that in production values and packaging, Lagos had outblinged itself.
And then Ms Kardashian appeared, said, "Hey Naija" and vamoosed. The rumour was that she'd been paid 500,000 Benjamins for the honour of mixing with the petro-class. She arrived on Saturday evening (on Air France), and left within 24 hours (someone Instagrammed her back at MMIA). Prole class tickets were apparently N100,000 ($640), although quite a few got in gratis on the guest list.
The Lagos elite blows money at puffery, while most of Nigeria suffers. It's the same as it ever was. I recall Carlos Moore railing against the Gowon era on his trip to Nigeria a couple of years ago – how Lagosians were partying while bodies were lying unburied in the street. Gowon was famous at the time for saying that the problem in Nigeria was not money, but how to spend it.
Reflecting a little on the unfolding disappointment in Lagos, I couldn't help but think that the narrow slice of KK the audience were granted reflects a cargo cult/import economy/colo-mentality, that dresses its shame in dandified arrogance. Last year, Hugh Masekela played the Motor Boat club. I was lucky to be there (I think I paid 15,000 naira for the privilege). People chatted noisily throughout. The great jazzman could hardly hide his disgust.
There's something Dubai-esque about the children of the Islands. Pampered lives told in British public school brogues. Bubbles of air-conditioned comfort, which we might think of these days as "Lekki blindness". Fela is long since dead, but his words rework themselves in the present with ease.
As the disgruntled tweets flowed out on my timeline, I thought of Special K, comfy in her jimjams, the plane rising gradually above the Atlantic, safe from all Lagos harm, smiling to herself that she'd actually 419'd the 419ers. And I went to bed with one final thought: oil turns all who touch it completely insane."


  1. Honestly, her presence wasn't needed yesterday. And I'm pretty sure if Darey had known before the show commenced that she wasn't gonna stay for a long time, Darey wouldn't have opted for her.. Cos that guy has class and always aims for the best

  2. @Jabz exactly i was so suprised too..dunno wat he was thinking,maybe his team facilitated the idea..but at least he should have had a say.. I imagine someone like maryjblige or jennifer hudson singing a duet with Darey woulda topped it for me..burr no some Kim wu did nuffin! lol..

    I hope lessons have been learnt though.

    Thanks for stopping by xx

  3. Am sure she played her part. Hehe!

  4. There was a dinner, was there not? She was there to dine and wine, not party. Don't always jump to conclusions.

  5. @Anon thanks for your comment i was just confused on her actual part..

    @Sukky as you can see i dint write the second part of the article and thanks for clearing up her purpose which was to wine and dine for lots of money lol..
    If only you read the article without bias there were no conclusions jumped to only questions asked

    Thanks for stopping by xx


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