Sunday 3 February 2013

Popular blogger Linda Ikeji acquires 8Million Naira 2011 Infinity FX 35!

Popular Nigerian Blogger,former model and  one of the pioneers of celebrity gossip and entertainment blogging in Nigeria Linda Ikeji has recently acquired a new automobile.

According to her, her sisters wanted her to buy a range rover but she had always loved this vehicle and she decided to spoil herself with the gift.

She also posed with her other car and quoting hard work and only hard work for her suucess imploring young women to be independent and focused on their life's dreams see quote below

"Posing with my two cars, the 2011 Infiniti FX 35 and my 2008 Toyota Camry. #Biggirlsthinz Hehe!

I put this up for two reasons:
1. To show off of course...why else? Lol
And 2, to encourage other ladies out there to keep working hard and keep believing in themselves. You don't need any aristo to give you anything...any woman with will and drive can can give herself anything she wants!

By this time two years ago, I didn't have much...but I never stopped believing in myself and I never stopped working hard. I can't even begin to count how many businesses I put my hands into before one paid off -Blogging! I told myself that I will make it in this life one day as my own woman and on my own terms, that no man will ever take away my dignity...and I did it. So can you! Yes, you! You have the power!" she said..

From me to you dear Linda big big congratulations.!!

More Pictures when you continue..


  1. Whoa! That’s very expensive! I like her encouraging statement. I think she truly deserves to have this car. It’s not about the money that you spend for something; it’s about the happiness you can get out of purchasing something expensive.

  2. @Erwin yes exactly its the happiness that matters..thanks for stopping by! Cheers..

  3. Linda did great poses with her new car! What can you expect from a model, right? ;) I liked how her dress blends with the color of her Infiniti FX. Well, hard work is really the key for you to have your own luxurious car. You can really achieve your dreams if you have drive and determination in life.

  4. @Ivo yes you're right determination and the drive to keep striving for your dreams in life is important

    lol@great poses with the car..Thanks for stopping by! bless!


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