Saturday 6 April 2013

Yvonne "VIXEN" Ekwere's New Alter Ego shoot- "Mr Ekwere" and "Imoh"

TV Personality Yvonne "Vixen" Ekwere is on to experiment with Alter Egos and very different kindo f Photoshoots the latest from her stable her alter egos "Mr Ekwere" and "Imoh" which she describes as potraying her “Tomboy” and calm”spirited” side. “Mr Ekwere”- is the tough, outspoken and fearless guy next door who takes pride in expressing himself without limits. He’s hard working, down to earth but can be brutally sincere; this alter ego reflects Vixen’s Tomboy traits in reality.“Imoh” is an extremely calm and almost un-real. She is the force that keeps Vixen lucid in times of stress and chaos. She is arty and spiritual, she is vixen’s Inner-woman

Hmmm.. madam Yvonne, you sure say you no dey tell us something with all these alter ego tins..

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