Sunday 7 April 2013

Nigerian Actresses are not wayward -Moji Olaiya

Moji Olaiya Yoruba Actress

In a recent Interview with Pm News Nigerian Actress Moji Olaiya shared her thoughts on some perceptions of the Industry,her personal life amongst other Issues.

Excerpts below..

It is alleged that actresses are fond of dating certain people simply because they spent a lot of money on them?

I don’t know what you mean by that. But for me, I am not dating any of them. I can’t speak for others. What gave you the impression that these people are dating any of us? You journalists are the ones who always write all these stories. The moment you see an actress with a man, you start writing those things that are not correct about the person.

Some of your colleagues are dating them. Do you want me to mention their names?

More when you continue..

Please don’t mention any name here. But I can tell you that in that aspect, I am a saint.

But do you agree that actors and actresses sleep with each other on location?

It is possible. Sex is an adult game that requires both parties to agree. Since no one has ever complained of being raped, there should be no complaint about that. Other people in other professions also sleep with each other.

What about sexual harassment in the industry?

I don’t know about that since I have not being sexually harassed before.

But that does not mean that actresses are promiscuous?

Actresses are not promiscuous. The only thing is that they don’t enjoy privacy like other professionals. What a banker or journalist will get away with, an actress will never escape if she does such. The problem we have is that we are celebrities; anything we do is always seen as news.

Have you ever dated anyone in the industry?

Dating someone in your profession is not supposed to be a new thing. Can you tell me that, as a journalist, you have never dated a colleague? Bankers date bankers and lawyers date within their profession. So, the question of dating a colleague of mine should not arise.

But you have not answered my question. 

The answer I gave to you takes care of you question.

Who did you date?

Did I tell you I dated anybody? Please don’t put words in my mouth.

How is your relationship with your colleagues?

I have a very cordial relationship with my colleagues.

But I learnt you are at loggerheads with one of your female colleagues?


You tell me who you are having an issue with?

I am not having an issue with anybody. On what basis should I be having an issue with a colleague of mine?

May be because of a guy?

I don’t know where you got that story from. I’m not having issues with anybody over a man.

What’s the worst experience you have had on location?

It happened two years ago. I was robbed in a hotel. I lost cash and important documents. I just arrived from a foreign trip when the incident happened. What made it so painful was the fact that I was the only artiste that was there. Other cast members had finished their own parts and left.

There have been many stories about your marriage. Some say you have split from your husband because you could not have a child. What is the true story?

I have vowed that I am not going to speak on that issue. When the time comes, I will say something on it.

But people will continue with the damaging rumour if you don’t talk about it now.

Let them continue with the rumour. I don’t care whatever they say about me. I have developed a thick skin .

So, are you still with your husband?

I have told you I will not answer that question. When it is time, I will speak out. Can you ask another question? I don’t want to entertain any question concerning my marriage again. That is more reason I put an embargo on press interviews, but the fact that we are friends made me grant you this interview.

A word to your fans…

I love them all; they should continue to support me. I really appreciate them; they made me who I am today. And I am not going to disappoint them

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