Sunday 28 April 2013

Marc Anthony and Chloe Green romance officially over..

Chloe Green dumped by Marc Anthony

Topshop heiress Chloe green's romance with Jlo's ex is said to be over! Dailymail reports that Chloe is said to have moved her stuff out of the house they share after she moved from the UK to the US to be with him..and is to go on Holiday with friends to recover from the split..

TheSunUK also reports that Marc is said to have ended the relationship possibly because they had ended up together too fast.. Considering Chloe was a family friend to both JLO and Marc when they were married and also used to spend alot of time with his kids.Ironically Chloe is only a few years older than his first daughter! 

Well well if you tried to get with a young 'un because your EX got herself a nice toyboy Marc?? JLO at the end of the day is still the one smiling...sorry mate!

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