Saturday 13 April 2013

Funlola Aofiyebi Raimi(Far) Opens up to her fans in no holds barred style..

Funlola Aofiyebi Raimi is a seasoned actress, communications expert,presenter,wife,mum and one of the best in her field.

She presently features in Popular African soap Tinsel.

Funlola has also been in Prominent works like violated,figurine,palace,keeping faith,wetin dey, and several others

Funlola Aofiyebi Raimi Far

A browse through of her site shows a blog focused on celebrating stars and their good works.

 Funlola who is often regarded as very private opened up to her fans in a series she calls "Firsts"

Excerpts below..

"Hi ALL, i bet you thought i’d chicken out and not fulfil my promise. Well i nearly changed my mind but i had nowhere to run to.  

As some of you are aware, this site kicked off on 5th October 2012 so 5th April makes exactly 6 months of a special relationship that continues to grow. Im a super private and secretive person so answering these questions wasn’t easy but hey, a promise is a promise and my FAR Friends are worth breaking a personal rule for. Enjoy!!

CRUSH – I had a crush on my classmate in secondary school. Shawn Smith he was called….He was West Indian – dark, funny and mischievous so he stood out for me. He was popular in the school community so i was really shy around him. Crush lasted about 2 years till someone else grabbed my attention.
HEARTBREAK - The end of a relationship with my first love was more disappointing than anything else. I hated to, but i actually left and didn’t go back no matter what he said or did. I had looked forward to experiencing so much in life with him but he just didn’t measure up. Guess my expectations were too high and only i know what i mean by that!*wink*

There's more...
BIZ VENTURE – as a youngster, i attempted all sorts…making and selling lollies and other childish things but my first serious biz venture was my radio show – TOUCH OF SPICE. I was about 22 years and it started off as a hubby but lasted 13 years on air. I produced and presented it with great passion so it just kept growing till it drew commercial interest. I was able to sustain myself for a decade with the income from the show.

PAID ACTING JOB – First acting gig i was paid for was the movie – Violated. Written/Produced and Directed by Amaka Igwe. I had auditioned for her 8 months before i was called so it came as a surprise. I felt lucky and special as it was my first professional job and i was opportune to work with Veterans like Kunle Bamtefa, RMD, Joke Silva and Ego Boyo. Also being directed by Amaka Igwe was a thrill. Told all my friends and family who couldn’t wait to see the movie. Happy to say they were proud when they saw it. Till then, i made loose change from modelling in TVC, Calendars and doing Voice Overs but Violated kicked off my acting career.
MEAL BY SELF- I was about 10 yrs old when my mum permitted me to do it all alone as opposed to just watching or assisting her. It was a pot of stew for the house. Only I and my mum knew who cooked it but the whole house ate it with rice. I quietly watched for their individual reaction.
LEARNING TO DRIVE – I had received lessons from toasters and a couple of driving school instructors but i honestly perfected driving from experience. I was shooting a soap opera – Palace and had to do a lot of running around for wardrobe, scripts and also school. My sister’s car was available so i grabbed it and that was the end of my relationship with cabs.
KISS – CANT REMEMBER!!!!!! Lol!!! You guys would have to respect my husband and let me get away with this one! 
PRESS INTERVIEW – Was in September 1996. i remember because it was a couple of weeks after i lost my mum. It was also approximately a month after violated was released to the public. A reporter from National Encomium who lived in my area saw a crowd outside my house and proceeded to probe. She eventually made it into the house and persuaded me to grant an interview. I was terribly emotional at the time so she knew to respect herself as regards type of questions.
HEELS – Im the last born of 7 children with only 1 sister so my mum and sis regularly bought me clothes and shoes. I remember a white pair of peep toed leather stilettos. My sister bought it for me as a gift on one of our summer trips out of Nigeria. I remember practising how to walk in them.
BRA – I was 11 years old and developed enough to broach the subject but i was too nervous to say it so i wrote my mum a note. She discussed it with my elder sister who then bought a number of white ones for me. I felt so grown up!

PHONE – was a Siemens Phone. It was in the first month of the establishment of GSM in Nigeria. I’m proud to say i paid for it with money i made from my radio programme. Felt like a ‘seriously big chic’.
AUTOGRAPH – I was in school and i went for lagbaja at Motherlan with a group of friends. One good-looking ‘Big Boy’ begged me for my autograph. He explained that he had seen Violated and loved my work blah blah blah!!! After signing, he asked for my number so i ran away! It remains a nice story to tell anyday!
REALISATION OF TALENT – I must have been about 8 years old. It was my birthday and i got a cake, but no party. My mum dressed me up in Iro and Buba complete with Gele and Iborun. The few people i had as an audience were all older than me. There was a photographer present to snap shots of me so i was encouraged. It felt like i was in a trance when i struck one pose after the other. My ‘audience’ went histerical! I felt special as i simply had them eating out of my palms………Its the spirit of Performance i grew up to tap into!
So there you have it my dearly appreciated FAR Friends…….Funlola’s Firsts!! Hope it was worth the wait. I recently planned and held a photo shoot so i decided to share some of the pics with you. Its only been six months of regular posts from me to you ALL on this site yet i feel so blessed and loved.
 Thanks for your individual and collective support
Despite no gossip or scandals, I WILL GO FAR!!!! You ALL with me????"


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