Wednesday 27 August 2014

Photos;Throwback of Life! Halima Abubakar and StellaDimokokorkus

One Thing I have learnt is that the entertainment business is kinda like politics no one is your permanent friend or Enemy..

The Photo below.. caused some brouhaha.. where Stella called out Halima that that photo wasnt her butt even though Halima posted it without  caption.. well guess we all assumed cos some bloggers went with the story that it was her bootai! which turned out to be that of some American model..

Stella called Halima out and Halima in turn shared the throwback photos of them eating together(Above) proving they used to be besties

 Halima then posted a photo of her real backside to shows she's got "IT"

And then Stelladimokokorkus also apologised for the Mixup and then all was well  lol..

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  1. Awww! Good for both sides. I wish them good luck bit not Jonathan.


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