Wednesday 20 August 2014

For a true Hero Dr Ameyo Adadevoh

Dr Stella Adadevoh was a patriotic citizen, who was on a life saving mission everyday of her life! 
That was her Job! to save lives first and ask questions later..

Duty called on that fateful day, a Liberian-American, Patrick Sawyer was brought in to first consultants medical centre, and as usual Stella Ameyo made sure the patient was comfortable and got the best care even when the same Sawyer turned around to throw all their care back in their faces .

He denied having contact with any Ebola patients even when he knew his sister had died of it,urinated and spewed blood all over the medical staff caring for him..

Even when Patrick was confirmed to have had Ebola, DR Ameyo stood her ground and ensured the Nigerian government was alerted and never bowed to pressure from the Liberian ambassador to release Sawyer...

By this little act of professionalism, and sheer patriotism,DR Adadevoh saved thousands of lives,saved Nigeria from an epidemic that could have befallen an unprepared and unstable healthcare system.

She fought the disease she contracted on duty, but sadly bowed to its fangs yesterday..

From several testimonials,Dr Adadevoh was a committed physician with a motherly mien and the zeal to always save lives,which she continued to do till she lost her's in the process 

Does she deserve National honours?? I say YES! Her Hospital First Consultants should also be appreciated by the Federal government they saved their as*es!

So far 4 people have died from the Index case which came into Nigeria, A matron,a support nurse,A DR all of First consultants and an Ecowas protocol official who assisted Sawyer on his trip 

Below is a poem written for her by Ace Broadcaster Femi Sowoolu.


"Too far away
In another space we stay
Imagined reality
Warped realism
A dangerous game we play
Lonesome lives of self deceit
Pretend self belief
Easy to forget
From whence we came
We live the movie
...A tragi-comedy
Of sorts...

Toy soldiers
Tin men
Cartoon characters
With puny hearts
Evil minds
Soiled hands
Tainted souls
And smelly clothes...!
Our angels have fled
Or just die in our hands
Devils in their stead
...But, only the dead
Bury the dead...

She saves
But she dies
Healing hands
Heal no more
A diadem of silky soft petals 
For our heroine
Roses, and Peonies
Violets, and Tulips
Fresh fragrances for Lady Ameyo
Diva exemplar
For she glows
From enchanting lights above
From the bosom of God
A new saint, behold.

~ Femi Sowoolu.

C. fmwongi19914.

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