Sunday 3 August 2014

Heartbreaking photos;Couple grief by having stillborn daughter photographed

Heartbreaking: Emily and Richard Staley with their daughter Monroe Faith Staley

Richard and Emily Staley's daughter Monroe was stillborn and the parents decide to share their intense grief over the loss of their stillborn daughter, named Monroe, in a startling way by having her professionally photographed in the hospital.

They wanted to honor her memory and to acknowledge her as a member of their family and they captured that in these painful shots..

“I wanted our family to have some way to show how beautiful our daughter was,” Emily “I was proud of her, and I wanted to show her off and make sure her memory lives on.” 

According to Emily she noticed that her daughter hadn’t been moving in her belly like usual. Normally it is her baby’s routine to have some fun in mom’s belly once she drinks her coffee. Considering that her baby hadn’t kicked all morning, mom moved her tummy a bit and after still feeling nothing went and got her heart monitor to check on her. Again mom heard nothing.” After rushing to the hospital and having an ultrasound, Emily was told her baby had been strangled by the umbilical cord.

this really tugged at my heart strings..Heartbreaking indeed!

more when you continue..

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