Wednesday 13 August 2014

How to make your own home made Hand Sanitizer..

So We have all been trying to be safe down here in Nigeria since the Ebola news.

 Virtually everyone carries a hand sanitizer around and then what have the stores done? theyve gone and upped their prices to like 4 times higher than the normal price why I do not know.. 

I mean this affects everyone there should even be free Sanitizers for everyone!

Well Sisiyemmie thinks we can make our own at home..

8-10 drops of Lavender Essential oil (I would have preferred orange because I don't like the scent of lavender)
1/3 cup of K-Y Gel or some people use Aloe Vera Gel ( KY GEL has glycerin so it will be moisturizing for your hands)

more when you continue..

2/3 cup of Rubbing Alcohol (methylated spirit)
Empty bottle (to pour in your sanitizer when made)
Glass bowl for mixing (because essential oils can leave almost a permanent flavour on plastic)
Essential oils have antiseptic properties, also rubbing alcohol (methylated spirit) is a great disinfectant and it dries up instantly (like ogogoro) so in actual fact, you can use any of the items alone to sanitize your surroundings.  You can add water to rubbing alcohol and that can be your sanitizer; it doesn't have to always be in a gel form. 

Method: Mix these items together, shake vigorously until it blends. Mine had bits of the K-Y Gel but after leavening it for  a few hours, it all melted and was a perfect gel! Try it!

You can also follow the steps via the video below..

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