Tuesday 12 August 2014

Move over Slimmies! #Fatkini reigns supreme! Big Ladies Take Over Instagram in their Bikini shots

I used to be quite big and one thing I said I would never do was "Torture" myself by wearing a bikini lol.. Big is beautiful embrace yourself whichever way you are  but the truth is a well toned body is extremely good to look at and I rem telling someone that in my next life I would be a Gym Junkie this one has gone far lol.. I love Amala too much to have abs..

At some point I took control of my nutrition I ate what I wanted but in moderation,I cut out alot of meat ate fish and then dumped the bus and always took a walk now I am hovering between a 12 and 14 I am healthy and I love myself  but  NO! I wouldnt pose in a bikini so I give it to these ladies leading the #Fatkini movement its takes a lot of guts I tell you!

More photos when you continue..


  1. That's me in my next life! Yaaaaaayyy!!!!
    I say yes to the fatkini movement!!!

    1. lolzzzzzz! Hhahaahhahahaha..you are funnny!


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