Thursday 7 August 2014

#Ebola Update Nigerian Medical association calls off 5 week strike FG to provide protective gear,insurance..

Just after reports emerged that Nigeria's Ebola Index Case the Late Patrick Sawyer was aware of his condition and was to be quarantined in Liberia before he jumped and headed over to Nigeria.. and then aggressively Urinated all over the health workers and Doctors who showed him care when he got to Nigeria hereby infecting them and resulting in the first Ebola death in the country.

The Striking Nigerian Doctors have risen up to the challenge to help fight the disease by calling of their 5 week strike..

In this light the Federal Government has  reportedly put plans in gear  life insurance policies for health workers attending to Ebola Virus patients.

The Minister of Health, Prof. Onyebuchi Chukwu, announced these during a meeting with foreign missions in the country Thursday.
He assured that these will start in the coming week as efforts are now geared towards putting everything in place.

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“we are facing some challenges because we need to encourage workers especially when they hear that some doctors and nurses are dying even now in Nigeria, a nurse has died. It has now become increasingly difficult to convince health workers to attend to these patients but we have to and we are making effort to get people.

“We have also improved their confidence level, what we have decided is that all the people taking part even if they did not have insurance before, they must have insurance. This one is not indemnity for now alone, it is life insurance to protect them and their families so that in case anything happens to them, their families will not suffer double loss.

The Nigerian President Jonathan has also  moved quickly to arrest the threat of the Ebola virus by ordering additional protective equipment for health and border officials.

The special gear will reduce risk of infection to those who, by virtue of their jobs, may come in contact with victims of Ebola virus, and will be distributed to all federal hospitals beginning with border states like Lagos, Cross River, Kano, Rivers, and Borno.

 Following presidential directives, health workers and border officials will also be educated on the use of said gear, along with adequate information about the Ebola virus and instructed on how to handle suspected cases of the virus.

Furthermore outbound passengers would be screened before leaving the country starting from next week..
 it is not easy screening all the airports, so we are trying to fill that gap. The Minister said.

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