Wednesday 4 June 2014

Just Maybe you will forgive Tiwa on her "Wanted" Video when you read this!

So we all saw Tiwa's "Wanted" Video we all went gaga about Tiwa's wanted Video and all her moves on there but what you all dint know was that Tiwa was actually choreographed by..

This Girl right here!

Yes you guessed right she's the Girl from CEO dancers she was the creative director behind the Wanted Video under her own  outfit "Zinarts" So you see it wasnt all Tiwa's moves.. she was probably told to be sexy and all..

Tiwa and Ezinne

And Teebillz thinks he made her star..errrrr dude she actually has some Talent! If she dint there would have been nothing for you to work with,we waiting on you to make another star if its all that easy..and btw I wonder what would have happened if Tiwa ever sacked you?? guess thats why you married her you kinda cannot sack your husband.

Yea yea yea..

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