Monday 2 June 2014

Photos Kim Kardashian arrives home alone after short honeymoon in Ireland and Prague..

Alone already? Kim Kardashian was solo as she arrived in New York City on Sunday following her European honeymoon with Kanye West

Alone again: Kim was still solo as she landed home in Los Angeles later on Sunday

Mailonline says Kim face was stony as she arrived back in LA on Sunday without even wearing her wedding that their honeymoon was so boring Kim hated it in Ireland and couldnt wait to go home.

Just maybe Kanye had other engagements..the point is she is back home.

Am sure she must have missed all the paparazzi attention..she sure loves that!

Happy to be back? The star reportedly hated her Irish holidaySomething else to talk about: The brunette beauty showed off her assts in a plunging blouse

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