Friday 6 June 2014

Jenifer Lopez and Casper Smart no longer an Item..

The Question is who is Jlo seeing or has been seeing because according to reports these two have not even been together in about two months and we know Jlo is errrr kinda fast..

So aside all that transexual issh that people were blaming Casper for they werent together anymore so dude was kinda free to test anymore "Waters" he wanted to test.

The Couple are reportedly in the works of moving out from each other's places,the break up was civil and they simply grew part media sources say.

 Casper I would say has taken alot from this..he was just a backup he will be regarded as a celebritydancer,a show director, choreographer and soon to be called if the reports are true Actor..and of course we would be stalking his Instagram to know who he's dating now or will date in the future..

And To Jlo I say is it gonna get "cougarish" again??

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