Thursday 12 June 2014

Somebody give mercy Ajisafe "Omo London" an endorsement deal already!

I have never listened to mercy on the Radio so I cant say if her "work" is any good or if she pulls in alot of listeners and all.. but what I know is she's been courting alot of media attention lately. First it was her birthday shoot she shared recently and then this new shoot of her's which she thinks will support the SuperEagles Team you dont mean it!

I believe Mercy is tryna put herself out there among the OAPs who have turned just being on the radio into multiple media earning capacities..Errrr look at Toolz,Toke Makinwa,Mannie, but wait! these people dint have to get anywhere naked to get noticed by all these corporate bodies??

Anyways you people should let mercy's market sell ohhh oya give her endorsement too ohh!

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