Monday 2 June 2014

This is What happened when the Baloguns and the Idibia's met for dinner

So the idibia's invited the Balogun for Dinner at their place and lots of food to eat and drink and then this conversation happened..

Annie idibia: Chai did you see that part Tiwa raised up her leg...

Tuface Idibia: hahaha DoroTiwa showed them sexy all of them just kept talking,yabbing ohh yet them still dey run go view the video for  youtube..

Tiwa Savage Balogun: Hahahahahah dont mind all them talking,yabbing ohhh they were still viewing ohhh mumu people they dont know thats the whole idea to get them talking and viewing the video..

Teebillz balogun: ~holds head~ Hahahahahha you people dont kill me with laughter ohhhh chai dont mind all these people they dont even understand what showbiz is all about.

Isabella Idibia in her innermind; hmmmm see these mummies and daddies talking about this video that i dont even know about and all their celeb friends they are talking about what did they just say about Banky W chai! these celebs too can gossip! lemme just be acting like am pressing this phone while am hearing all this exclusive gist..

lol!  errrr that was just my imagination at work you should kinda take it with a pinch of salt lol just wondering if it was akward considering Annie and Teebillz were kinda once together somehow somehow..
..Loving this peplum on Tiwa tho..

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