Monday 3 June 2013

Did Omotola Jalade pay $650,000 for her Time #100 2013 most Influential people in the world Honours??

One of the most celebrated Actresses in Nigeria and africa was recently listed as one of the Time magazine #100 most influential people in the world.

She was dubbed the "Queen" of Nollywood and influential actress and a music star. But Blogger Sheifunmi has other theories suggesting the Actress and mother of four actually paid a whooping $650,000 to be included in that prestigious list.

His report below..

"An insider who happens to work closely with the most loved actress squealed details about Omotola making 2013 TIME Magazine 100 (Most Influential People in the World) list, stating that the actress paid a whooping sum of 650,000 dollars (which is over a 100 million naira if converted) to get a slot on that list.

Now i don’t know how true this is but i won’t find it amusing if she paid to make the list. Rich people (especially Nigerians) tend to pay for a lot of things (like Grammy,MTV,Bet award tickets which comes in different packages but the one they mostly go for is the full package with the hotel covered, access to Clive David’s pre-Grammy's party, red carpet, a seat next to a celebrity and after party, Forbes list, etc) to get recognized or live that ‘party with celebrities’ lifestyle.

On another note, of all the influential people in this country that are known globally pre-omotola, God can still single you out and perform wonders letting you make “TIME 100″ + for all the attention and contacts she got i think she is going to make a lot of money from the deal." no words if this is true but  on a second note..what do I know.. coded PR things maybe..


  1. 100mil!who dash am!

    1. @Anon you never can tell ohhh omosexy na big babe na plus her husband is loaded.. thanks for stopping by xx

  2. @shallie,what were u on about with ahdaisy on wc.pls don't get into heated arguments with her.its so not worth it

    1. @Anon Longlong story and the reason I deleted my comments after is cos I realised I should have just ignored totally and not answer at all burr we learn everyday sha..Thanks for your concern I appreciate xx


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