Sunday 16 June 2013

kerry Washinton steps out make up free,hair pulled back,headphones,flip flops and all..

Snoozing: The 36-year-old threw on a pair of chic black-rimmed glasses for the early morning outing

Be prepared: The Scandal star grabbed a snack on the go

Scandal Actress Kerry Washington was spotted out and about as she exited her NewYork Hotel recently. Kerry was spotted looking simple and without all the glamour.. She still looks good though..Sides we all want to just look like normal people once in a while throw out all the Glamour and look be easy and laid back  for once! Yea including Celebs too lol.. 

Btw is that a lunch box I see Kerry??

Laid back: Kerry Washington opted for a make-up free look as she headed out of her hotel in New York City on Friday morning

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