Monday 10 June 2013

2 Shotz denies ever Being engaged to Big Brother Africa Representative Beverly Ada Osu..

2 Shotz Denies ever being engaged to Beverly Ada Osu

2shotz and Beverly Ada Osu

Ok Nigerian Rapper 2shotz is now married,although he once had something to do with Beverly Ada Osu who is presently representing Nigeria at the Big Brother Africa House.. He now took to social Networking Site Twitter to deny this babe for what reason I do not know I mean why now??

See Tweets Below..

Ok 2Shotz you are married yea all you had was in the past and you both have denied in previous Interviews of never being engaged.. So why come out to say all this are you trying to knock the girl's Hustle or what?? Please mister this was not needed at all..


  1. I don't see anytng wrng with what he did...its a free world he shd b free 2 say wotevr..besides d beverly girl is jst a lousy retard..alwys talking shii,ranting tins!

    1. @Anon Lol!@Lousy Retard yes its a free world and no matter what we all know the truth so 2shotz should have just kept quiet I mean he is married now and I dont think she mentioned his name or sumfin,IMO Silence would have been dignified..But wat do I kno lol..Just My Opinion ..

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