Wednesday 19 June 2013

31 year old Toyin Lawani of Tiannah Styling set to marry 21 year old Lover..

Tiannah Styling

In case you donot know who Toyin Lawani is..Well she is a celebrity stylist and designer for alot of Nigerian showbiz peeps.

She was in the news a while back for having a massive tattoo of her ten year old daughter's(from her previous relationship) face engraved as a tattoo on her arm as well as posting "swagged up" pictures of her daughter in a toilet .

Well she's in the news again becuse she just got engaged to her 21 year old Lover.. yep! and she is happy Loving Life and is even planning on wearing a black dress..


So she replied those lashing her about the age difference see Image below..

Tiannah Styling

Meanwhile Toyin previously tweeted about girls who move men into their houses..
Big Congrats Toyin and Hubby but errrrrm Toyin I hope this 21 year old Husband of yours will be able to build the Kind of Home you can move into and not you moving him into your house as you have rightly advised the Ladies we hope that you are doing as you say ehen hen..

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  1. These ones are one their own oh, all the best to them sha.

    1. lol! Really on their own and I join you to say all the Best to them..x


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