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All you need to know about CocoIce; Nigeria's female answer to Dagrin..

CoCoIce Naija's Female Dagrin

No Disrespect Comparing her to Dagrin,Dagrin may be dead but if you rap in Yoruba in my Opinion you gotta stand up! as in pay allegiance..Dagrin was and still is the Best Yoruba rapper Nigeria has had and still has because his music still Lives on..

So when I heard Cocoice sometime around Last year I was like who is this person ..and then I listened again and I was like if Dagrin was a girl he would have probably rapped like her or well maybe or maybe not lol..

Cocoice real names Sarah Mojisola Sowole has got flows with penetrating punchlines done mostly in Yoruba and with capivating and catchy chorus'..

She recently had an interview with Tribune where I got to know who CoCoIce really is and how she came about her stage name which I assumed was coined from the Couple Coco and Ice from Ice Loves Coco well thank GOD that wasn't the case #Rme...

CocoIce is fresh,new,urbane and Current! Get to know her below...


Foray into music. 

I have always liked to listen to music ever since I was a kid. I later stumbled upon rap music and discovered it was a call. I took it up and started memorising the lyrics of some rap songs that I liked. Not long after, I started writing poetry, which greatly helped me to become a lyricist. Though I started out miming to hit rap songs, I went  professional in 2005 and recorded my first single titled “Get Nutty,” where I featured May D. The single got a massive airplay and carved a niche for me in the industry.

Challenges in the industry.
It has not been easy. I was disappointed and let down. I went through the ups and downs, but to me, it is all part of the journey to my success story, and I give thanks to God, my family (the CoCoIce team) and fans for their support all the way.

My works.
I just released a new single entitled “Mr player” Aside the two videos “If You Don’t Know” and “It’s Me” that brought me into limelight, I have some singles to my credit. I have done a few collaborations and at present, I am working on new songs also. I had another single on the way with May D entitled: “Get Nutty” when I was under the Mo’Blaq.

How I came about my stage name.
(Laughs...) CoCoIce was derived from two words, ‘Coconut and Ice’. The coconut stands for what I have gone through but I’m still able to deliver good music because as we all know, the coconut is rough on the outside and pure in the inside, while the ice stands for breaking of the ice which is an idiomatic expression and in my definition- “getting over the initial phase of my career.” When I was trying to beat the odds and come out on top. 

More when you continue  

My style of music.
The inspiration behind my uniqueness was due to the desire to standout from the crowd. I wanted to be different from every other female artiste and eventually came up with something that was interesting.

Educational background.
I had my primary education at Ewenla Nursery and Primary School, Lagos and also Kiddies Kingdom Private School, Lagos. My secondary education was at Kankon and two other schools. I studied Mass Communication at the University of Lagos (UNILAG), but I was unable to complete my degree. I had to drop out due to financial constraints. At present, efforts are in top gear to return to school.

Definition of style.
Style for me is an expression, it is how one expresses oneself. Well, I have heard people say my dress sense is edgy, but I am comfortable with it and the fact that it is being talked about means I’m making a statement.
Description of self.
You can say that I am loving and God-fearing. I love to remain the way I am, I love my way of life because I am definitely sure that I am perfectly created.

Beauty  regimen. 
I eat fruits a lot and drink lots of water too. I exfoliate my skin weekly. When it comes to make-up, lip balms and Rogue by Black Up are my favourites. I use Flori Roberts’s powder. I love my eye lashes, but I glam it up with false lashes.

Choice accessories. 
I love my rings. I have two facial piercings, my eyebrow and my lips. Chains are also part of my favourite accessories. My sneakers are my best foot friends because they feel so comfy. My jackets too are not left out; it is part of my signature. I love my jackets, I just do less jackets nowadays because a presenter said “you can’t find me without a jacket,” It felt good, but I said to myself, I need to express myself in different ways so my fans can see the real CoCoIce.

CoCoIce Naija Femcee

Accessories I can’t do without.
I really can’t do without wrist watches, rings and mobile phones. I like my wrist watches; Hublot, Rolex, Christian Dior and BCBG.

Most expensive items in my wardrobe.
My shoes and my wrist watches. They are things I cannot do without and they are so dear to me.

Favourite designers.
London High Street, Michael Kors, Asos, Gucci, Max Mara, to mention a few, are my favourite designers.

Favourite colour.
I love black, pink and turquoise blue because they speak volume on me.

Favourite perfumes.
My favourite perfume right now is Fantasy by Britney Spears.

What I won’t be caught dead wearing.
Multi-coloured velvet dress because it is not just something I will feel comfortable in.

Opinion on provocative dressing.
I feel people express themselves differently and everybody has a right to her life and what she is comfortable in. I have discovered that when people dress provocatively, it doesn’t mean they are bad people. People dress provocatively for different reasons, some do it for professional reasons and some use it to entice the opposite sex. I am not in support of it. However, it is a free world.

Opinion on toning and cosmetic surgery. 
Personally, I love cosmetic surgery especially, breast enlargement and I am planning to have boobs surgery in the nearest future. Yes, having breast enlargement is a desire. It is not that I am not gifted; I am actually endowed with breasts that fit my body, but I am an Oliver Twist, where breast is concerned. But as for toning, I am indifferent to it, because most of the beauty products have toning ingredients.

Cocoice Big Brother Naija Housemate

Special treat.
I go to the spa for body massage. That way, my body feels appreciated and special.

Hair and nail.
I make my nails in any shape and design that go with my mood and the style in vogue. My hair is something else because I do crazy stuffs, with my hair, I tint it with different colours.

I do not have any tattoo neither do I have cat eyes. I only use coloured contact lens most times.

I work out five times a week and as you can see I am very fit.

Part of my body I will always love to flaunt.
(Laughs....) I really love to flaunt my boobs. It is the section I cherish.

Greatest physical asset.
My thighs and lips.

How I cope with advances from men.
It is a normal thing for men to approach me, I appreciate good men. God has given me wisdom to handle them in a polite manner.

Naija Femcee CocoIce

Dream man.
I have always desired a God-fearing, ambitious and handsome man. A man with potentials .


Tribune with picture Modifications
by Shallie's Purple beehive

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