Monday 11 October 2021

Art,Galleries And Gallery Hanging Systems!

So how do you hang art in a gallery?

Art Gallery
Image: pressloft

You have an upcoming art show,it might even be your first. What do you do?

Before you go looking for a gallery hanging system, there are some things that you should know about it beforehand. 

Put the Art at Eye-Level

Naturally, you want to draw attention to your art while also allowing for an easy viewing experience. Of course, people vary in height, so ‘eye level” is very different for everyone. A child might have to tilt their head up to see while a tall person might have to look downward. 

People usually hang pieces about 58 inches from the ground. That is a natural height and if they are all uniformly like that, then it is an aesthetically pleasing thing. 

Don’t Crowd the Pieces Together

While you may have a good amount of art to display, try to keep space between them. 
Grouping a lot of them next to each other can make for a claustrophobic feeling for gallery visitors. 

By leaving some blank area between each one makes for a much more pleasant viewing experience. 

Put Your Pieces in a Row

Gallery customers like to see things that are consistent. By putting them in a row, they won’t have to wander far.
 If you space them too far apart, then you run the risk of them losing interest and looking elsewhere. 

Try to match them in terms of being an odd or even number of pieces. People are very quick to pick up patterns and by doing that, it will tickle that part of their brain and make them want to look more. 

Be Creative with your Material

You can use one type of paper for one piece and then switch it to matte for another. Use different colors. That will liven up your exhibit. 

Make Sure That Your Piece is Well Lit

There are fewer things that can turn off a gallery patron than having something that is not well lit. You want them to be able to easily see every detail of your work. So do a thorough inspection of your display to make sure that it has the proper lighting. 

If you do all of these things, then you will find that you have a very strong chance of getting people interested in your showing at the art gallery. 

This might facilitate purchases,repeat buyers and curators,ensuring that your work and efforts pay off!


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