Saturday 29 May 2021

Money,Savings,Costing;Tips &Tricks!

Money! Don't we all want lots and lots of it?! Even the richest folks in the world continue to invest in more ventures to make more.

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The Elon musks,Bill Gates and Dangote's of this world all continue to strive for ways to add up their tallies!

But we all can't be billionaires? That doesn't seem attainable,so what is attainable?? How can we get our finances fixed? Are there any genuine tricks to hacking our way to financial freedom?

The truth is there are NO tricks,only strategies, tools,knowledge skills and of course some well seasoned business managers.

But for the not so rich who can't afford the best business managers,there are loads of business investments and money related resources online freely to be tapped into.

Investopedia shares that a major personal finance tip is self control..

Learning self control is a top tip.
Some of the world's wealthiest are often in sinple casual wear half of the time,occasional splurges and having  good times are welcome, but all in moderation and avoidance of credit purchases and unnecessary spending.

Money management and channelling resources adequately is another key tip.

Knowing what funds goes into what expense,what came in and what's going out,you can budget your way around your income and expenditure.

This doesn't have to be cumbersome,with sites,apps and resources like to help with this. free financial calculators

By simply making sure that your expenses dont exceed your income,you are already taking steps toward financial freedom.

Another Tip is to have funds for different purposes,one for normal savings,another for emergencies,for life's curveball and of course retirement!

Putting a little bit aside for these purposes ensure that we are  financially prepared for circumstances that we might not be able to control.

For example,getting your health in order through regular checks and healthy habits,as well as getting insurance for health,burglary,vehicle etc in order might be a good tip to getting a grip on our finances

Taxes are another important area not to be overlooked!

It is important to understand how  taxes work so when income is received you can calculate what you need to send in to know if you are receiving enough or need to look for job offers that would suit your financial obligations.

Invested Wallet also recommends Using Money and Budgeting Apps to Stay Organized 

As a knowledge resource,it is often recommended that finance,budgetingapps like,Mint,
Pigly, Personal Capital and lots more be inculcated to help organise finances into one big picture,keep abreast of your projections as well as manage your present budgeting needs.

Ultimately,the biggest personal finance tip is living within ones means!

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