Saturday 15 May 2021

Entertainment&Games Online; Whats Your Flavour?!

Online,the world wide web,the internet..the world online as we know it..

The world is so technologically advanced that people are now ditching their satellite and cable network subscriptions to find their entertainment online!

With the juicy offers from Netflix,HBO ,HULU and many more streaming services,we see so many people switching to get their entertainment fix online.

But what about games? Yes there are active gamers who are ready to pay for all the gear and software to play with competitors/fans and friends alike from all around the world.

But what about less heavy gamers who also enjoy playing games online but have run out of free trials of Zuma and are bored of solitaire?

I might be an example of the group 2,not so active but still want a variety of games to play and enjoy safely online.

We don't want to get sucked into any addictive casino like games,there are many of those these days,we just want clean,safe entertainment online.

I stumbled upon recently and was amazed that they had an abundance of games to play and choose from absolutely FREE! and Ads free! 

Free games online

How amazing? finding a cheap form of entertainment that can be enjoyed with no hassles or payments

The list of games are almost limitless and there are aren't any hassles to sign up before diving in.

This was me scrolling through the entire list of games,being spoilt for choice not knowing where to infact begin!

I eventually settled for the simulation games and space adventure.

Eventually found my rhythm navigating the site and playing some interesting games and being thoroughly entertained.

Yea sounds on is the ish for Space adventure.

All games are browser based,mobile friendly and seem to work with most devices and browsers.

It's great for gamers,with a huge variety of games and categories to choose from. offers 100's of games and requests by fans to add more games are also being met so the list of games comtinue to grow.

So if your entertainment flavour is games,you know where to go!

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