Wednesday 12 May 2021

Dealing With Insolvency In Uncertain Times!

What the past year has taught everyone around the world is how uncertain life can indeed be.

The pandemic was not fair to any and everyone,which showed how a sudden change can signal the end and death of both life,businesses,property and assets.

The words bankruptcy,administration,insolvency haven't been used as much as they were this past year.

So many businesses collapsed,were bought over or were rendered insolvent.

For most business persons,the meaning of being insolvent may not be lost on them,but for the layman,What does it mean to be insolvent?!

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Insolvency is usually financial distress,suffered by an individual,business,business partnership or company,wherein the financial state in which a person or entity is no longer profitable enough to pay the bills and fulfil other obligations. 

The IRS states that a person is insolvent when their total liabilities exceed total assets.

It is said to be a financial condition in which the total liabilities of an individual or enterprise exceed the total assets so that the claims of creditors cannot be paid. 

There are essentially two approaches in determining insolvency: insolvency in the equity sense and under the balance-sheet approach.
 Insolvency may sometimes lead to legal proceedings, in which legal action will be taken against the insolvent person or entity, and assets may be liquidated to pay off outstanding debts.

 Irwin Insolvency are an Insolvency firm with the aim is to see their clients succeed by giving expert advice for business growth and development

In dealing with Insovency and liquidation,their approach is to consider all the aspects of your business, looking for ways that could generate improvements in cash flow and profits.

Often times they woukd have to assist in Corporate Recovery, a process that involves taking of positive and practical steps to restore a business to health and profitability.

Where a turnaround is not feasible, Irwin & Company will utilise highly creative and imaginative uses of established insolvency procedures, such as administration and company voluntary arrangements, in order to achieve a positive outcome for the benefit of all parties.

They Provide positive and cost-effective solutions to business problems and a professional service to all clients.

With expert knowledge in insolvency solutions, boasting of over 25 years experience in the UK,having dealt with businesses of all sizes and in just about every industry you can imagine,Irwin Insolvency pride themselves on giving clear, impartial and unambiguous advice that is designed to bring speedy solutions to under-performing businesses.


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