Tuesday 14 July 2020

Fix Up Your Finances With #Pigly!


Money and Finances are some of the most important things in life,as this can be argued,we say some of the most important if not the most important.

As with finances,people are often sceptical in dealing with doing up budgeting and analysing and all those indices..

With technological advancements there are so many apps,resources and websites that claim to help with finances,budgeting and the likes..

Apps like Mint,Wally,GoodBudget,Money manger and lots more have gained prominence in the financial world.

Pigly is however taking a different approach with their website.

Their name Pigly is a whimsical play upon upon the word piggy bank to encourage people to remove the notion that finances are tough and can't be understood.

Pigly provides a free and ad free site that provides sound financial advice in a way that is practical,helpful and easy to understand.

Pigly works with a group of talented IT and communication professionals who are dedicated to providing consumers a free suite of online calculators to help save you time and money all year long.

Savings,education,retirement,mortgage, credit cards, vehicles, loans, debt, budgeting and business investments are all financial issues that Pigly can help with.

Calculators like Budget PlanningPaycheck Estimator,Budget Planner,Account Reconciliation,Tax-deferred savings,Reach Income Retirement Calculators,Save for Retirement Retirement Savings Loan Calculators,Basic Loan Calclator,Personal Loans,Compare Loan Payments, Interest,Interest Only vs Repayment Credit Card Calculators,Automotive Calculators Vehicle Loan Payment Options,Compare rates & Terms,Loans Lease or Buy? Vehicle Lease,Lease or Buy, Fuel Ecoonomy Calculators,Miles Per Gallon,Fuel Budget,Gas Station Savings,transportation Savings,mortgage calculators and so much more to do on Pigly!

There is a wide range of interactive tools and resources for everyone.


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