Monday 9 March 2020

#UltimateLoveNG Love show week 4 UPDATE #Jeriton evicted as #Roksie #Jelo #Bolar #Chivia are nominated for possible eviction.

In a week that's had lots of drama,tasks,games, lovedup sessions and people's exes showing up in the love pad,check out Sunday came with its dose of drama with Jeriton being the couple that checked out.

The pair who dint find love on the show announced that they would only remain friends as they couldn't connect romantically.

They however dint leave Aunty's Love Pad empty handed. 

Their prepicked box revealed a cash prize of 600 thousand Naira and lots of gifts for them to share.

The remaining couples had to then nominate..

This week #Roksie,#Jelo #PreshDavid,#Bolar,and Chivia are the love pairs nominated for eviction/check out this week.

 #PreshDavid and #Jelo have been selected for the Monday mission.

The pair saved by Aunty will be revealed on Tuesday..


Aunty chose to save #PreshDavid leaving #Roksie,#Jelo #Bolar and #Chivia on the choping block.

So who would you be voting for this week ?

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