Sunday 29 March 2020

#UltimateLoveNG Grand Finale! #Roksie win Ultimate Love season 1!

It's been a roller coaster of feelings and emotions for both the viewers and the love guests.

With five couples still in the running for the top prize,Presenters Dakore and Oluwaseun P. started the show on a good note with highlights from the entire season..

And then the couples began to drop with Chivia finishing in 5th place with a cash prize of 250 thousand Naira and lots of gifts..

#DoubleChris finished in 4th place with 400 thousand Naira and lots of gifts as well..

#Bolar finished in 3rd  with 250 thousand Naira and lots of gifts 

It was now down to the top two Roksie and Iykeresa

Before #Roksie were announced as the big winners of the season.

#Iykeresa got 300 thousand Naira in their box while #Roksie got 150 thousand Naira

#Roksie however got more prizes for winning and being the Ultimate couple..

They got 5 Million Naira,a 10 Million Naira worth traditional wedding and a furnished house if they stay together for a period of 12 months.

Congratulations to Roksie and the whole Africa Magic team for a wonderful season!

Till next time!

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