Monday 9 March 2020

#LoveIsBlind Couple,Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton step out in Style!;Set to launch Youtube channel!

Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton fashion and style looks

These two captured the hearts of fans worldwide as they connected and got married on Netflix show #LoveIsBlind.

They connected and shared a bond so pure and beautiful without even seeing each other and they garnered millions and millions of fans along the way.

Now the show is over and these two who have now been married for close to two years(The show was filmed in Nov 2018) They now want to carry their fans along on their journey.

Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton #LoveIsBlind

With lots and lots of press briefings,media events and attendances,The Hamiltons are now ready for Youtube!

Sharing the news,Lauren Wrote...

Hey Family 👋🏾
Our YouTube channel is officially live! Although the show's over... our story is just beginning. 💫We are so excited to continue our journey with you 💕 Hangin' with the Hamiltons will follow Cam and I through day-to-day adventures - our highs, lows, and everything in between.  

We talk relationship💕 date ideas🍸, recipes for dinner at home🍲 travel ✈️, blending families, and raising a rascal of a dog🐶 Everything is fair game. Click the link in my bio to Subscribe and tune into Hanging with the Hamiltons to see the adventure continue!

See Snippets of their Bloopers video posted below..

You can subscribe to their youtube channel Here!

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