Friday 23 November 2018

Singer Niyola shares on the tough times she has been through,health challenges and her resolve to live positively!

Singer Niyola shares on the tough times she has been through,health challenges and her resolve to live positively

The singer who has been off the scene for a while took to her page to pen down thoughts on challenges she has faced lately and how she is tackling them..

Read piece below..

"So I will most likely be posting randomly as I deem fit 🤷🏾‍♀️ It’s my birthday in barely two weeks , ( my own new year begins then ) and with the recent events , I thought it a good time to share some . 

I had the craziest 12-15 months , I lost two people close to me ( My friend and my mother )amidst fighting for my life / health . Life lost its meaning , but I kept trying to find its purpose , MY purpose ! Life as i knew it was broken , but I understood it’s supposed to be a journey , so I would find the strength to try to build again .

 To some , I was just wasting time and sleeping , because I would push pain to the darkest parts of my heart that no one would never see .

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 I lost strength , lost the ability to feel , ( How do you create without that ) lost friends , lost weight , even lost hair 😂 but I never lost faith and HOPE . I’d gain strength from giving love and strength to others . The true meaning of strength is hidden in vulnerability, not perfection ... and it’s ok not to be ok . If i don’t feel like dressing up , o didn’t , if i didn’t want to shower or get out of bed , i didn’t ! It would pass and I’d be me again . Happiness can come in bits , it doesn’t have to land as a whole big package , so I took one day at a time . 

I found that the only way to heal was to embrace the ugliness of all the pain , go through it and not over or under it . In all that darkness , my vision became so vivid that I started to find my way again . I am still on my way , there were times I thought I was through but half way , I would see I was still deep on the hollow , I don’t know when the process will be done , but I am glad that I went through the fire and came out pure and refined . ( And i am not even done yet ) Not one to share my pain , but I realize that nothing in life is by chance and we are meant to teach , heal and raise with our lives and as such must share . Every problem , pain disappointment has an expiry date . Some never go away ,but you learn how to cope . Life is for the living , make every moment count ! "

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